Nowboicha College


Co-Curricular and Extension Activities

N.C.C. :
The N.C.C. is an organisation which provides a golden opportunity for the cadets to develop leadership qualities, self confidence to be disciplined and devoted citizen to promote the cause of National integration and Nation building. The College provides scopes to undergo N.C.C. training.

IQAC of this College persist with its efforts to create a learning environment that fosters the all round development of its students so that the college can enhance its contribution to the acadmeic field to keep the flag of excellence flying high atop. The IQAC has established several cells and centers and constituted committees to initiate activities both academic and non academic. The thrust area identified in consonance with the UGC guidelines is to effect a paradign shift in the teaching learning process. To achieve these objectives, the cell continues with its ongoing efforts and will try to implement most of the recommendations offered by the NAAC peer team during the reaccreditation of the college.

Another important organisation is N.S.S. For past many years the student of Nowboicha College rendered benevolent service to people around the whole district of Lakhimpur through this organisation. It unfolds the opportunities to the students to inculcate the spirit of fellow-feeling, service to the people for their socio-economic upliftments. Unfortunately N.S.S. was discontinued for a period, but it is again going to start with it all existence from this session.

For the development of moral & spiritual attitude of the students in their thought and deeds Scout & Guide has also been introduced at the College from this year.

A new one year Certificate course on Travel and Tourism under the scheme of Career Oriented Course of U.G.C. has been introduced in Nowboicha College from January 2013.

AlLumnI Association :
All Ex-students of the college formed an Allumni Association and they regularly meet with the students and also co-operate some extension activities of the college.

Other some extension activities provided to the students for their development of moral and intellectual attitude and thought are Wall magazine, College Magazine, Itihas Bartta, Educatum and Sugandhi Sabda.