Nowboicha College

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

• To establish a highly developed institution of Higher education with improved infrastructure facility along with highly qualified faculty members for imparting quality education to the students of the locality.
• To develop academic environment and to create better and conducive atmosphere for the greater interest of the students community.
• To preserve the Socio-Cultural identities of greater Assamese society and to spread it through this Institution of Higher Education.
• To minimize the problems of unemployment to some extent by giving proper education from this Institution.

Our Vision

The vision of this institution is to spread the light of education in the backward and poor locality of Nowboicha Revenue Circle. A group of educated people and social workers of Nowboicha Assembly Constituency desired to establish an institution of higher education to fulfill the needs of poor students of this locality who have always been deprived from availing higher education due to their poor socio-economic condition. To provide a better platform for the development of higher education and intellectual aspects of people, there must be an institution of higher education in this socially and economically backward area. The institution will impart knowledge through the mother tongue and develop English as a second language to trap the employment opportunity available in the country and abroad. To develop the concept of universal education, the institution will also provide opportunities for learners to realize their full potential and thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all good human beings.